Edwin John WIntle
  Breakfast With Tiffany

united kingdom/international reviews

The London Times Sunday Book Review
August 7, 2005

“Prepare to be seriously charmed. Prepare to have your heart wrenched and your cockles warmed. . . Exquisite.”


Published by
Simon & Schuster UK

Paperback Release May 4, 2006

Breakfast With Tiffany at



The Daily Mail of London
August 12, 2005

“A heartwarming account of bringing up a child, full of gentle humor and quirky incidents. It provides conclusive proof that, in this, as in all other relationships, it is the quality of love that counts and not the label anyone might place on it.”

Cosmo Australia
(“Must Read” pick for November, 2005)

“[Wintle] writes with love and honesty about their first year together and all that comes with it.  It’s moving, stylish, hilarious and sad.”



Attitude (Four Stars)
August, 2005

”Breakfast with Tiffany is a unique memoir packed with humor, with pathos and, above all, heart.”



Heat (Five Stars/Six weeks on Top Ten List)
August- September, 2005
May - june, 2006

“This is one for Parents, kids and big, gay obsessive-compulsive uncles, too. Sparks fly . . . a gorgeous read.”



Company (Four Stars)
September, 2005

“This roller-coaster real-life read has tantrums, tears, love and laughter, and will be sure to touch you.”



Good Housekeeping (#1 Pick for August 2005)
August, 2005

“Shifting between twinkling wit and uncomfortable realizations, this is the stunningly honest account of Ed Wintle’s life-changing decision . . . A touching and streetwise story.”



Style (South Africa)
January, 2006

“Breakfast with Tiffany is a life-altering read. [It] does for 2000’s literature what Prince of Tides did in the 1980s, with similar touching nuances, descriptive richness and a bit of heartbreak.”

Star Magazine (#1 Pick / Four Stars)
August 29, 2005

”Ed’s comical yet neurotic approach to child rearing is amusing, and the witty narrative makes this memoir a charming read.”

Irish Examiner
August 20, 2005

“Both unique and inspirational, Breakfast with Tiffany also makes a political point; anyone who has doubts about gay parenting need look no further.”

Yorkshire Post
August 19, 2005

“A witty narrative that shies away from sentimentality, this is a truly heartwarming and unassuming story, which reveals much more about the author and the power of love than a straightforward memoir.”